Residential DSL Internet

Lara is the reliable and affordable choice for your High Speed Internet access needs.

Please contact our offices to find out if these services are available in your area.

Service highlights:

  • Local Tech Support
  • Professional on-site installation available in selected areas
  • Optional modem rental with free replacement
  • Service activation takes approximately 5-10 business days

These services require an active analog phone land line. If you do not have an analog phone land line then you will have to add an additional monthly fee for Dry Loop*.
Dry Loop prices ranges from $8/month to $30/month depending on what band you reside in. Please note there is a one time activation fee of $20 for dry loop. (Note: Rogers and Cogeco or any other Cable Provider do not offer analog landline phones.)

Residential DSL Packages
  DSL 6
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Speed Up to 6Mbps download / 800Kbps upload Up to 6Mbps download / 800Kbps upload Up to 15Mbps download / 1Mbps upload
DSL Activation Fee $60 (one time fee) $60 (one time fee) $95 (one time fee)
Included Bandwidth 150GB Unlimited Unlimited
E-Mail Addresses 2 2 2
High Speed Modem
  • Use your own ADSL2+ modem ^
  • Rent a standard modem ($5/month)
  • Rent a wireless modem ($7/month)
  • Type of modem: DSL2+ modem

Modem pick up, delivery, and shipping:

  • Available for pick up during our office hours
  • Shipping is $15 within Ontario
  • We offer on-site delivery and setup options including wireless
Price: $29.95/month $35.95/month $40.95/month
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All prices subject to change. All prices are subject to HST.


^ If using your own DSL2+ Modem you are responsible for the configuration of the modem and filters

Dry Loop defintion: A dry loop is an unconditioned leased pair of telephone line from a telephone company. The pair does not provide dial tone or battery (continuous electric potential), as opposed to a wet pair, a line usually without dial tone but with battery.